"Tulsa Central Library Renewed" Launches $1 Million Public Fundraising Campaign

Robert J. LaFortune

May 16, Robert J. LaFortune, Tulsa Central Library Renewed chairman announced the launch of the public phase of the campaign to raise $1 million from the Tulsa community.

The overall cost of the renovation of the Central Library will be finalized this summer, but is estimated at $50 million.  With a lead gift from the Bezalel Fund/Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation, the Tulsa library Trust has raised $28 million to date, engaging dozens of corporations, foundations and individuals to help achieve the fundraising goal.

Through prudent stewardship of its funds, Tulsa City-County Library has committed $15 million toward the capital investment. Additionally, the Tulsa voters approved a capital improvement package that included $10 million for the Central Library.

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