Spaces and Features

Today’s libraries are places where children first discover the world, where people access technology of all kinds, find resources for work and education, build job skills, seek employment, start a business or nonprofit venture, search for health information, gather for meetings, socialize and learn at all stages of life.  Today’s libraries are learner-driven, technology-centered and skill-focused.  Public libraries also are transitioning to places where people create, collaborate and convene; where young and not-so-young minds are cultivated.  Today, libraries are the center of their communities.

Chilled Beams

Central Library will use the energy-efficient air distribution Active Chilled Beams system to provide heat and air conditioning for the facility. Ceiling-mounted induction-activated chilled beams require only enough ducted air to handle ventilation and humidity requirements. This system will keep ductwork sizes to a minimum and allow ceiling spaces to remain high. Chilled beams use chilled and hot water as the main energy transport, thus improving overall HVAC efficiency compared to a traditional air heating/cooling system.

Chilled beams were developed in Norway in the 1970s and are standard practice in Europe.

For engineers, architects and builders, ASHRAE is the go-to site for in-depth information related to the form and function of chilled beams systems.